SHINY is an extensible heating controller suitable for new and existing heating systems

Fully responsive

Our UI looks great on touchscreens, desktop PCs and mobile devices! It can be accessed locally and via network.

Modular design

Dedicated hardware is just a beginning! We can add virtually any input and output device via 1-Wire or ModbusTCP.

Tested in action

With many industrial adoptions we have proven that SHINY is rock solid! Contact us for more details.

Tailored software

SHINY control engine can be easily developed to add new features or communication protocols. Although SHINY UI is a commercial product, sole control engine is available on GitHub! You can install it on your own hardware and access via WebAPI or SwaggerUI. Don't hesitate to contribute and help us improve SHINY.

Dedicated hardware

After a few frials and errors we've figured out how a multipurpose input/output board should look like. SHINY HW is our dedicated hardware with 12 relay outputs, 2 digital inputs, 1-Wire port and RTC. Thanks to HDMI and USB ports, it can be connected to a generic touchscreen. If network operation is desired, SHINY HW has Ethernet port and WIFI module.

Take a tour

Check out now how SHINY works in action. An test environment of our UI is available for public. Keep in mind that input data are randomized and noting is persistent.

Open SHINY demo

What do we offer?


We can integrate our control engine in your building. You can even do it by yourself, as SHINY core is free. If you need user interface, contact us to get SHINY UI.


You can buy SHINY hardware together with SHINY UI and easily install it in your building.

Complete system

Contact us if you wish to order a complete SHINY installation. We have experience in many industrial applications.

Do you need more information?

We're here to help you. Drop us an email at